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Robotics ideas for high school students

By | 19.07.2020

Encouraging high school student to create great engineering and science projects should be an administration's top priority. Technology and scientific discoveries are nearly occurring every few months.

As soon as one technology discovery makes its way to consumers, another, more advanced one comes along and takes its place. High school student who are involved in designing robotic projects will most likely come to appreciate the field of science and technology. High school robotic projects are not done in isolation. Students are introduced to planning and teamwork and will likely discover that robotic projects will require time and patience to complete.

Many will learn that communication is the key to advancement in the project. The student will need to interact with established engineers and scientist in addition to project advisers, teachers, other students and even parents.

High school students are given the opportunity to choose among a variety of robotics projects, including control and automation projects, machine vision projects, and autonomous robot projects and experiments. Control and automation projects allow students to perform such activities constructing voice-controlled robots. Machine vision projects offer students the opportunity to use optical image acquisition devices to identify and count objects. To complete a high school robotics project, students may receive an assortment of tools, including mechanical kits, motor boards and power boards.

These kits help students get started by providing many mechanical and structural parts needed for building and controlling the robot. Students are also taught to install codes using memory sticks. The educational value and the positive long-term influence of high school robotics on the students makes the projects extremely important.

Best Robotics Kits for High School Students

Working on robotic projects will teach students how to deal with challenge, which includes planning and researching, designing experiments, selecting materials and equipment, making calculations and giving presentation regarding the results.

Students are given insight into the real world of science and engineering. The activity of preparing robotics projects for science fairs is one of the best methods of learning about science and engineering. According to the National Research Council, the absence of active learning in the classroom is evidenced by the lack of interest in the fields of engineering and science.

Studies show that up to 4 percent of students who participate in science fair competitions eventually move on to major competitions, such as the Intel international Science and Engineering Fair. Steve Glenn is a member of the Loft Writing Center in Minneapolis and has been writing professionally for over six years.Find out your chances, get recommendations for improvements to your profile, and see how your profile ranks among other students applying to the same schools.

With our free chancing engine, admissions timeline, and personalized recommendations, our free guidance platform gives you a clear idea of what you need to be doing right now and in the future. There are many ways to make yourself stand out in a competitive college applicant pool, and good grades and strong test scores are just the beginning.

For students interested in the STEM fields and engineering, a robotics competition might be just the ticket to setting yourself apart from the rest of the field. Robotics competitions are typically exciting, fast-paced competitions that feel more like a sporting event than a science contest.

Not only are they a lot of fun for competitors; they are also prestigious and highly regarded by many colleges and universities. In addition, prizes and scholarships can be substantial enough to help with the costs of a college education. Simply participating in these events will highlight your dedication and interest in the field, but a win in one of these prestigious contests could be just what you need to truly stand out above the rest in this competitive field.

Keep reading to learn more. Description: In this exciting contest, students are given a box of materials and six weeks to design a machine that can complete specific tasks within a given timeframe. The contest aims to excite students about engineering, science, and technology, and inspire them to pursue careers in these fields.

During competitions, team robots compete against one another to complete the tasks. Level: Local, regional, and national competitions available. Registration website available here. Description: Over a period of about seven weeks, students learn to code and develop complex strategies to use artificial intelligence.

This allows them to create an autonomous robot that competes in an annual game challenge against other teams in competitions at various levels across the country. Level: Regional and national competitions available. Registration available here. Our free chancing engine takes into account your history, background, test scores, and extracurricular activities to show you your real chances of admission—and how to improve them.

Description: Teams work together with professional mentors to design, assemble, and test an industrial-sized robot. The robot then competes in a head to head field game against other teams.

Teams also market their brands and do community outreach, including fundraising. Teams advance from local qualifying tournaments to state championships and the World Championship Tournament. Costs are minimized because there is no required materials or kit to purchase, and the contest continues through college and graduate school levels, so competitors can stay involved past high school. These people might be able to provide some insight into how each competition aligns with your unique strengths and goals.

To learn more about activities and contests in the STEM fields, check out these posts:. Your Guide to the Google Science Fair. Want access to expert college guidance — for free?Did you know that the car that your dad drives has been assembled and painted by a robot? Or that the bottles of Pepsi you bought for your housewarming party has also been packaged by a robot Yes! Not only are they fascinating and one of the favorite movie material of filmmakers but have also become extremely useful to the point of being indispensable in certain domains such as automobile manufacturing and space exploration — who can ever forget Opportunity and Curiosity?

Looking at how it impacts our daily lives and the functioning of the world, robotics is now considered a General Purpose Technology ; it has the potential to notably influence the progress of the world both economically and socially. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to introduce children to robotics and consider its possible benefits in making them technologically sound for the future. Apart from the obvious benefits, it has been found out that incorporating robotics in the classroom is perhaps the best way to introduce students to STEM subjects and encourage them to pursue the same.

The key here is to start small and encourage them to learn by doing. That is why we have compiled a list of 5 exciting robotics projects for beginners that kids can try in schools and even their homes:. Playing soccer is fun, but playing soccer with robots is awesome! The soccer playing robot is one of the most popular robotics projects among children and is also pretty simple to make!

Gather your friends, team up, and make your own Smartphone-controlled soccer robots to challenge each other to an exciting game of robot soccer! With programming based in PictoBloxa kid-friendly, graphical programming software, the DIY soccer playing robot is one of the easiest and most exciting robotics projects for kids out there. You can find this simple robotics project high school students HERE. It may not know who you are. But it will look for you and it will find you.

And nothing that comes in its way will be spared by it. It is none other than the determined and precise line following robot!

robotics ideas for high school students

The line following robot is yet another popular robotics projects for kids. Children get to learn the concept of sensors and autonomous robots by making this robotics project. You can find this robotics project for beginners HERE. Bonus: Instead of using IR sensors, you can use your Smartphone to make a line following robot. Only a cup of espresso can boost your energy.

Who could you possibly rely on for help at this hour?

robotics ideas for high school students

The pick and place robot, who else! This fun and easy-to-build robotics DIY project is perfect for the task. With PictoBlox as the programming software, writing its code is going to be a piece of cake. So, what are you waiting for? Ready, set, DIY! You can find this simple robot project for school students HERE. But that can be quite a task! Not anymore, fellas, not anymore!

With this easy to build smart cleaning robot, you can now easily clean the floor and the walls of your entire house with a few clicks of the button on your Smartphone, courtesy Dabble and PictoBlox. Sit down, grab the cup of coffee your pick and place robot brought you, and clean away!

Till now you came across robotics projects which used virtual controllers in Smartphones; however, both of these required the use of two hands. Turn your hand forward and the robot moves forward; turn it back and the robot moves back! And this has been made possible with the help of none other than your friendly neighborhood graphical programming software, PictoBlox, and the genius mobile application, Dabble. You can find this simple robotics project for kids HERE.Robotics is a field of modern day science which fascinates everyone, from a high school kid to a graduating engineer.

Therefore, no other field of science has been diversified like that of robotics. Robotics has become a vital part of human being because it can be found everywhere. For the reason that from medical surgeries to space missions similarly from home automation to working as a firefighter. Many innovative young minds put down their ideas into realities for the betterment of mankind. I must say that there is yet more to be done in the field. Most importantly, the upcoming generation is showing a keen interest towards robotics.

Consequently, they want to know how a robot work. Likewise how are these made while how are they programmed to do certain work fascinates them. So, the one stop solution for the question is Arduino. For a beginner, almost the Arduino serves as the stepping stone in the field of robotics. Basically for a beginner student interested in robotics almost Arduino is a must. The name looks much fancy for the reason that the company belongs to Italy. Most importantly this company designs micro controller boards of different form and sizes such as Uno, Nano, and Mega.

Micro controller — ATmegap. Operating Voltage — 5V. Input Voltage recommended — V. Input Voltage limit — V. Analog Input Pins — 6. DC Current for 3. Clock Speed — 16 MHz. Consequently, the answer to this is the Arduino IDE developed by the company. The programming language code is much easy to learn hence one can learn it within days. Seems like if you are having a basic knowledge in C programming ,it will be easier to learn. How the programming language is integrated with the board and how it is brought into use?

With the help of codes input and output slots are assigned. What is the output for the data obtained from the input is also written in the codes. Then with the help with a cable the data is uploaded to the board. With the help of different slots present on the board, one can attach different sensors and modules basing upon your project. Arduino Uno is a micro controller board based on the ATmegaP. Likewise the clones can be bought at Rs So, I advice you to buy a board with a removable IC one.Robots are simply awesome.

robotics ideas for high school students

Everyone is crazy about the fact that robots make complex tasks look simpler. From the robot that is used in manufacturing line to carry out tedious tasks to the robot that roams around Mars collecting tons of data, all robots are fascinating. Even robots make excellent movie characters which most of the kids admire and love.

Have you checked out our projects on School level yet? School level Kit will be shipped to you and you can build using tutorials. You can start with a free demo today! Raise your hand, if your kid fell in love with the robot character that they saw in a movie my vote is for Bay max from Big Hero 6 and nudged you so much to help build their very own robot. That might be an over stretch but you understand what I mean — it would have surely motivated me to be much more ambitious in technology!

Our founders still went to IITs but I am sure they went because of peer pressure and not because of motivation. I hope they wont read this :D. What really excites me about my job is that I can now give this opportunity we missed to the kids of today. With a little bit of support and push from us, the kids of today can do wonders.

And at Skyfi Labs, we are all super excited that we got the opportunity to do this.

Simple Robotics Projects

While it is obvious that building Robots helps kids in developing creativity, curiosity and logical thinking, you should be very careful while selecting the right kind of robotics project for them. Want to develop practical skills on School level?

Checkout our latest projects and start learning for free.

Best robotics projects for school kids

Skyfi Labs helps students learn practical skills by building real-world projects. You can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to the world and grab the best jobs. Get started today! For instance, we at Skyfi Labs kept these facts in mind and developed awesome robotics project-based courses that make building robots easy for your kid right at home.

The robotics course is equipped with Learn-Do-Review modules which make sure that your kid learn the concepts while building their robot. With the technical support provided as and when needed, these courses ensure that your kid will build the robots with confidence. This is one of the simple robotics project which your kid can build and get started with in robotics.

The robot that your kid build can detect the black line and follow it without deviating with the help of digital IR sensors.Coding helps children visualize abstract concepts, which is why coding increases learning in all subjects.

robotics ideas for high school students

Learn how to integrate coding with these free cross-curricular lessons from Wonder Workshop. Dreaming of robots in your classroom? While you might not have a programmable robot assistant to help you write lesson plans yetyou can use robots in your classroom for some incredible student STEAM enrichment!

These fresh robotics projects from teachers like you will foster student self-expression, team building, and perseverance.

The common denominator with these educators is simple: They let curiosity and creativity reign. Elementary students love studying wildlife and habitats, so why not welcome robots to the desert or an enchanted forest maze?

Here, students coded the Dash robot to make its way through the maze, answering animal and habit questions along the way. Our robot MacysParade was a success! Allison noticed that some of her kindergartners were struggling with distinguishing their left from their right side.

Allison had her students create character balloons for the parade, build the parade route, and of course, code Dash to maneuver left and right through the streets of New York City. Allison says coming up with ideas for using robots in the classroom has given her teaching a new spark. Students challenge themselves to code Dash to make three baskets in a row.

They can work independently or make it a competition, like the real-life court version of P-I-G. Move Dash each time a student succeeds in their code their robot makes the shot to make it a bit more challenging. Code Like a Girl Party Looking forward to next year! Oregon School District. Velvet and her school district technology team recently hosted their Code Like a Girl Party to encourage elementary-school-age girls to explore the world of coding and robotics.

Velvet says the annual party, now in its fourth year, started with younger learners but has now grown to be more of a fifth and and sixth grade event. Girls can do anything! I look forward to this every year! WonderWorkshop lpscompsci CSK8 pic.

Practice makes progress! I love to see the excitement on their faces when they create a code and watch Dash carry it out. Susan likes getting musical with her students by working with the xylophone attachment for Dash. They are much better at writing music than I am! Sandra Wiseman has been a librarian in Wheeling, West Virginia, for 35 years.

Above is your typical day in class, Sandra says, where third graders use a gridded mat to set up a simple maze featuring obstacles red Solo cups, for the win! Start small and see what happens. You might find learning to code and operating a robot as much fun as your students do.

Ready to jump in? Learn more about some of the robotics projects you can do with Wonder Workshop.Robots are made to go and do what humans either can not, or do not want to do. They are used in hundreds of ways from exploring Mars, to working tirelessly on a manufacturing line, to providing companionship.

Not to mention they make great movie characters! Try your hand at building a robot with one of our robotics science and engineering projects. High School Robotics Science Projects 4 results.

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The Coolest Ways Teachers Are Using Robots in the Classroom

Human Behavior. Environmental Science. Ocean Sciences. Civil Engineering. Environmental Engineering. Materials Science. Mechanical Engineering.

Mammalian Biology. Medical Biotechnology. Plant Biology. Computer Science. Pure Mathematics. Sports Science. First Grade. Second Grade. Third Grade. Fourth Grade. Fifth Grade. All Elementary School. Sixth Grade. Seventh Grade.

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